Wineworks Vino Dried Fruit Wine - Australian White

The Vino Super fruity Australian style with all the flavour you would expect.

Fermenting Sugar Required, Basic Brewing Equipment also required.

The Kit is a Dry kit made from Dried Fruits and Flowers, Ideal for export.

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Making wine from dried fruit with Vino winemaking kits is the perfect shortcut for those who want to make a high quality hedgerow wine, but without all the hassle. The Vino wine kits make 23 litres of great wine and are ready in roughly 10 days.

Can also be used as a base for making your own style of wine. Add any fresh pulped fruit to increase the flavour or body.

Makes 30 bottles of fruit wine using dried fruits and herbs. Requires up to 4kgs of sugar. The Vino kits contain:

  • Dried Fruit and Berries
  • Wine Yeast
  • Nutrient
  • Finings and Stabliliser
  • They contain no grapejuice.

ABV: Approx 11%

These are ingredients only kits (light and perfect for transporting abroad). The contents contain little information as to what they are so ideal for countries where you need to be careful making alcoholic wines - equipment is not included.


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