6 Bottle Wine Kits

YEAST: All of the wine kits that we sell include a sachet of yeast plus other sachets that are used to process the wine.

HOW MUCH DO THEY MAKE? 6 bottles (4.5 litres, 1 gallon) unless otherwise stated.

WHAT ELSE WILL YOU NEED? Standard wine making equipment suitable for producing 6 bottles. If you have no equipment please see the "Beginners Equipment Packs" section of our web site and select the "SIX BOTTLE WINE OR LIQUEUR BEGINNERS PACK".

STERILISATION: All equipment should be rendered clean and sterile by using proprietary cleaner/steriliser prior to each use, please see the "Steriliser & Cleaner" section of our web site.

SUGAR REQUIREMENTS: If we say "Sugar inclusive kit" against the product no sugar needs to be added for the main fermentation, otherwise please add sugar in accordance with the kit instructions.

TEMPERATURE: The correct fermentation temperature for wine is 21°C to 24°C. Too high a temperature can effectively kill the yeast causing the fermentation to stop prematurely, it can also cause clearing problems. The temperature should also be reasonably constant throughout the day and night. If you need a heater please see the "Heaters & accessories" section of our web site.

STABILISERS: Please never determine if a wine has finished it's fermentation by the elapsed time or the rate of bubbles through the airlock, these are only a guide. ALWAYS either taste the wine to ensure that it is dry enough or use a hydrometer. If you add the stabilisers (included in the kit) before the wine is dry enough you cannot make it drier. Please bear in mind that you are not tasting a finished wine so don't worry about the actual flavour, you are only assessing it's sweetness or dryness. If the wine is dry enough for your taste you can move on to the next stage of adding the stabilisers. However if the wine is too sweet you will need to let the wine ferment further. If the wine is too dry it can be sweetened when it is totally finished and clear.

SWEET, MEDIUM OR DRY? You can finish any wine kit at the level of sweetness or dryness that you require. All wines get drier the more they ferment and so you can either stop a wine at the desired level of sweetness, by adding the stabilisers at the desired level, or you can ferment the wine to dryness and then sweeten it back after it has been stabilised. To sweeten, first add the stabilisers, clear the wine and syphon it off the sediment, then try experimenting with 1oz (28 grams) of sugar per gallon. Measure the sugar into a sterilised jug and, whilst stirring vigorously, add the smallest amount of boiling water that is necessary to dissolve it. Stir the resulting syrup into the wine to thoroughly disperse it. You will be able to taste the effect immediately and sweeten further if necessary. Alternatively you can sweeten using a product that we sell called RITCHIE WINE SWEETENER.

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