Wine Presses & Accessories

  1. Vigo Pulpmaster
    Vigo Pulpmaster
    Before any fruit goes into a press it should be pulped and the Pulpmaster is the easy way to pulp! This unit requires an electric drill to power it. The blade guide of the Pulpmaster is also a bucket lid and it is very important that this fits the bucket it is used with snugly, if not the unit could be dangerous in operation. It is therefore recommended that you purchase the pulpmaster bucket, below, to go with this unit. Learn More
  2. Spindle Fruit Press 6 Litre
    Spindle Fruit Press 6 Litre
    This press comes complete with a bag to contain the crushed fruit for pressing. Also suitable for use as a cider or wine press. All fruit needs to be crushed before pressing and for this we stock the Pulpmaster device, see below. Approximate dimensions: Overall Height 58cm Diameter of collecting Tray 27cm Cage Height 26cm Cage Diameter 19.5 cm. Learn More
  3. Press Liner For 3L Beech Wood Presses
    Press Liner For 3L Beech Wood Presses
    Custom made for placing over the spindle of the 3 litre TRADITIONAL BEECH WOOD WINE PRESSES to line the cage and contain the crushed fruit. Learn More