Spirit and Liqueur kits

YEAST: All of the Spirit and Liqueur kits that we sell include a sachet of yeast plus other sachets that are used to process them.

HOW MUCH DO THEY MAKE? 6 bottles (4.5 litres, 1 gallon) unless otherwise stated.

HOW LONG DO THEY TAKE? Ready to drink in about 5 weeks.

WHAT ELSE WILL YOU NEED? Standard wine making equipment suitable for producing 6 bottles. If you have no equipment please see the "Beginners Equipment Packs" section of our web site and select the "SIX BOTTLE WINE OR LIQUEUR BEGINNERS PACK". Additionally you will need the following items: PLASTIC FUNNEL, SPIRIT THERMOMETER, WINE HYDROMETER, TRIAL JAR FOR HYDROMETER and a BUCKET 16 litres for mixing ingredients.

STERILISATION: All equipment should be rendered clean and sterile by using proprietary cleaner/steriliser prior to each use, please see the "Steriliser & Cleaner" section of our web site.

SUGAR REQUIREMENTS: Sugar will need to be added in accordance with the kit instructions. The amount required varies between 1.6kg and 2.65kg depending on the type you are making.

TEMPERATURE: The correct fermentation temperature for this type of kit is 18°C to 22°C. Too high a temperature can effectively kill the yeast causing the fermentation to stop prematurely, it can also cause clearing problems. The temperature should also be reasonably constant throughout the day and night. If you need a heater please see the "Heaters & accessories" section of our web site.

TIP: Never go by elapsed time or the rate of bubbles through the airlock to determine when to move on to the next stage, these are only a guide. ALWAYS use a hydrometer.

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