1. Woodfordes Wherry 3kg
    Woodfordes Wherry 3kg
    Makes 40 pints, approx ABV 4.5%. An inviting aroma of malt and citrus fruit is the prelude to this award-winning offering from Woodforde's. The palate is crisp and citrussy with malt and fine hop notes introducing an interesting complexity to this thirst-quenching favourite. Learn More
  2. Woodfordes Nelsons Revenge 3kg
    Woodfordes Nelsons Revenge 3kg
    Makes 36 pints, approx ABV 5%. A pleasing aroma of malt and rich fruit with citrus notes is the introduction to this Woodforde's classic. The palate is full, with malt and fruit dominating initially, but giving way to a lingering dry finish. Learn More
  3. Woodfordes Norfolk Nog 3kg
    Woodfordes Norfolk Nog 3kg
    Makes 40 pints, approx ABV 4.5%. Winner of 2009 World Beer Award's "World's Best Old Ale", Norfolk Nog is full of roast malt character which dominates the nose and palate and contributes to the long dry finish. Hints of fruit, rich caramel and malt add satisfying complexity to this beautiful dark ale. Learn More
    Woodfordes Headcracker 3kg
    Out of stock
    Makes 24 pints, approx ABV 7%. Aptly named, Woodforde's Headcracker is a pale, smooth yet deceptively strong barley wine. It's sweetness in the palate is perfectly balanced by a distinct hoppiness and bitterness. Learn More
  5. Woodfordes Admirals Reserve 3kg
    Woodfordes Admirals Reserve 3kg
    Makes 32 pints, approx ABV 5.5%. Award winning, tawny coloured ale with a distinctive nose of dried fruits, sherry and almonds. The palate is full with sweet malt and rich fruit slowly dominated by an Increasing bitterness, leaving a satisfying dry finish. Learn More
    Woodfordes Tinsel Toes 3kg
    LIMITED EDITION. Makes 40 pints, approx ABV 4.4%. A smooth fusion of roast malts with rich fruit characteristics. Learn More
  7. Woodfordes Bure Gold 3kg
    Woodfordes Bure Gold 3kg
    Makes 40 pints, approx ABV 4.3%. A pale, sweet and malty golden ale, including aromatic American hops to tantalise the palate. Learn More