Beer Kits

YEAST: All of the beer kits that we sell include a sachet of yeast.

HOW MUCH DO THEY MAKE? Most beer kits make 40 pints, where they do not we specify how much they make.

WHAT ELSE WILL YOU NEED? Standard beer making equipment. If you have no equipment please see the "Beginners Equipment Packs" section of our web site.

As a general guidebeer kits that have a net weight of less than 2.5kg generally require the addition of 1kg of fermentable adjunct. Beer kits that have a net weight of 2.5kg or more need no further fermentable adjunct. The simplest fermentable adjunct for beer is sugar, however it tends to give beer a cidery taste. You can improve the quality of the beer by using the following instead of sugar: <ul >

  • BREWING SUGAR, instead of sugar, gives a cleaner, drier taste and avoids the cidery effect. Use weight for weight compared with sugar.
  • BEER KIT ENHANCER a blend of spraydried dextrose and spraydried malt extract. Use this BEER KIT ENHANCER instead of sugar to encourage a more rapid start to the fermentation and to improve head formation and retention. This brewing sugar will also increase the overall flavour and body of the beer. Use weight for weight compared with sugar.
  • MALT EXTRACT, dry or liquid. This will add extra body and character to the beer. Use weight for weight compared with sugar.

With all beer kits it will be useful to have supplies of cleaner/steriliser, finings (this helps to clear the beer) and water treatment tablets, here's a note on the last item:

WATER TREATMENT TABLETS: If you have ever experienced an unwanted sweetness in your beer, or a chemical taste, it might be caused by the chlorine in your mains tap water. The chlorine can be neutralised by adding 1 Campden Tablet to a 40 pint brew 10 minutes before you add the yeast. If you do not have any Campden Tablets you can find them by using the "Search" button on our web site.

In case you might find them helpful here are a couple of tips for improving the quality of your beer:

To adjust the final bitterness of your brews try ISOMERISED HOP EXTRACT.

For bitters adding a teaspoon of GYPSUM to your brew during the initial mixing helps to produce a cleaner, drier tasting beer.

You can easily find any of the above items, and their current prices, by using our "Search" button.