Wine Thief/Pippette

The ideal way to take a sample from the fermenter. Can also be used for taking samples for hydrometer readings. To use: Clean and sterilise the Wine Thief and put it into the fermenter from which you want to take the sample, not right down to the bottom as you do not want to take in any yeast sediment. The tube will fill and because of the one-way valve in the tip it will not empty when you lift it out. If there is insufficient liquid in the tube try moving the Wine Thief rapidly up and down in the fermenter and it will fill to a higher level. To empty the Wine Thief actuate the one-way valve by pressing the tip of the Wine Thief against the side of the receiving vessel. To take a hydrometer reading you might be able to place your hydrometer directly into the Wine Thief tube or you can put the sample into a trial jar for taking the reading.
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