Muntons Connoisseurs Traditional Bitter 40 Pint Beer Kit 1.8 kg

Yorkshire Bitter - Typical of the smooth, easy-drinking beers of the Yorkshire region of North East England. Drink with care – one glass begs another. OG 1040° to 1044°.

  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Makes 40 Pints (23 Litres)
  • Colour (EBC Units): 27-33
  • Bitterness (EBU's): 20-35
  • Solids (by refractometer): 80-82%

We recommend the addition of a 1.2 Kg Beer Enhancer instead of using sugar to produce a better quality beer. See below for details

Ingredients: Hopped Malt Extract (Barley Malt Extract, Hop Extract) Yeast (in sachet)

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