Miscellaneous Hardware

  1. Bucket Tap With One Washer And Backing Nut
    Bucket Tap With One Washer And Backing Nut
    This is tap is ideal for fitting to buckets/fermenting containers. It's no good for use with pressure containers as its not designed to work under pressure. Comes with a washer so you can fit to the inside of the container for a good seal. Learn More
  2. Degasser/Wine Whip
    Degasser/Wine Whip
    Degassing tool designed to be used in conjunction with a corded or cordless power drill. Length: 37cm Learn More
  3. Plastic Beer Paddle
    Plastic Beer Paddle
    A simple but essential piece of equipment for ensuring thorough mixing of ingredients and to aid in de-gassing. 45cm long. Learn More
  4. Plastic Mixing Spoon
    Plastic Mixing Spoon
    About 45cm long. Learn More