Mangrove Jack's - Belgian Witbier (Limited Edition) with FREE 1.2kg Beerworks Liquid Malt Enhancer

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Mangrove Jacks Belgian Witbier 2.2kg

A Classic Belgian Wit with spicy wheat and fruity esters complemented by zesty orange and coriander. A refreshing’ summery beer with pleasant upfront sweetness followed by orange-citrus fruitiness and a crisp ,dry finish.

  • Yeast M21 Belgian Wit.
  • Bitterness 1/5
  • IBU 15-20.
  • Colour Hazy Gold


Beerworks Liquid Light Malt Extract (Beer Enhancer) 1.2 kg

A liquid malt extract used as an enhancer instead of using sugar to produce a better quality beer.

We use foil pouches for our malt extract, which combined with modern cold-fill techniques, results in a malt extract that retains much more flavour.

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