King Keg Barrel - Top Tap (5 Gallon / 23 Litre)

Holds 5 Gallons (23 litres) and comes with a large lid (which allows you to get your hand in to clean) complete with a S30 valve. The valve is designed to allow extra gas (pressure) to be inserted into the barrel and also allows release of excess pressure that might build up during secondary fermentation. It is designed to be use with an Hambleton Bard S30 gas cylinder. If you don’t use the S30 gas bottles (only available in certain parts of the country) then you will need an 8g Injector complete with black bulb holder and a pack of 10 of the 8g gas bulbs.

Cap may come with the brass or Stainless S30 valve depending on availability. Both valves can be used with the S30 gas bottle or the 8gm individual gas bulbs (black holder needed to operate).

The top tap (this incorporates a float) system means as the beer starts to clear you can draw this off first – this is particularly useful if you are impatient!

The top tap design is also useful if you are storing the barrel in an area where you don’t have an overhang or if it’s on the floor, as the glass goes under the tap easily.

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