Glass Vinometer For Alcohol Measurement

This device can be used to directly measure the final alcohol in a wine. To use put a small sample of the wine in the funnel end, the wine will run down the capillary tube and start to drip from the far end. Wait until a few drips have come through and then turn the Vinometer upside down and place on a flat surface. The wine will drop back along the capillary tube and where it stops against the index is a direct reading of the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV). If you put undiluted wine into the Vinometer the reading is a direct measurement of the alcohol content. However for a more accurate reading the wine can be diluted 50:50 with water, in which case you need to DOUBLE the reading. The range of the scale for undiluted wine is 0 to 25% ABV but clearly this can be extended by diluting the wine. Solids and particles in the wine can affect the reading. The unit should be thoroughly cleaned after use.
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