Festival Premium - Spiced Winter Ale - Limited Edition

Festival Premium Ale Kits

Limited Edition - Spiced Winter Ale

Ideally suited for Christmas or cold winter nights. Spiced Winter Ale has a body with a deep mahogany colour and a tanned head. Flavours of Ginger and cinnamon with hints of Anise and Maple Syrup come together to remind you of mulled wine and Christmas pudding.

Premium Liquid Malt Extract (GLUTEN)
Ginger Flavour
Genuine Brewer's Yeast Strains
Hop Extract
Priming Sugar

Kit weight :-3.5kg
Makes:- 32 pints / 4.5 gallons
ABV Approx:- 6%
Fermentation time:-7 days approx
Conditioning time:-4 weeks
Fermentables required:- None Required
Priming Sugar: Included

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