Cider Kits

YEAST: All of the cider kits that we sell include a sachet of yeast.

HOW MUCH DO THEY MAKE? Most cider kits make 40 pints, where they do not we specify how much they make.

WHAT ELSE WILL YOU NEED? Standard beer/cider making equipment. If you have no equipment please see the "Beginners Equipment Packs" section of our web site and choose the "BEER BEGINNERS EQUIPMENT STARTER KIT".

As a general guide cider kits require the addition of 1kg of fermentable adjunct. The simplest fermentable adjunct for cider is sugar, however for a cleaner, drier taste use BREWING SUGAR, instead of ordinary sugar. Use weight for weight compared with sugar.

With all cider kits it will be useful to have supplies of cleaner/steriliser, and finings (this helps to clear the cider).

Storage: Cider should only be stored in pressure barrels or beer bottles that have been specifically designed to take pressure.

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