Britewort / Profloc tablets (Replacement for Irish Moss) Pack of 10

Carrageenan is well established in the brewing industry as an important processing aid. Originally, unprocessed seaweed of the species Chondrus crispus (Irish Moss) was used to good effect. As interest in the food industry for high kappa isomer species such as Euchema cottonii increased, so did availability and quality. Today most carrageenan used in brewing is this species. Its role as the most cost effective method of wort clarification is undisputed.

When added to the boiling wort, kappa carrageenan reacts strongly with soluble proteins, notably the proline-rich haze precursor fraction. When the wort is cooled the carrageenan-protein complex becomes unstable and precipitates out of solution. The clear wort that results produces a beer with enhanced processing characteristics.

Add ¼ -1 tablet per 5 gallons (25 litres) of beer. The tablets are added directly to the wort during the last 10 minutes of the boiling period. For a bulk 100 litre batch, use 1 – 3 tablets.

Benefits: Improved hot break compaction, improved yeast vitality during fermentation, improved beer haze and colloidal stability.

Bitrewort is available in pots of 10, or we can supply a bulk bag of 100 or more.

Used as a form of finings mainly in beer. Contains 10 tablets.

Note: Also known as Irish Moss, Protofloc and Protafloc

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