Brewmaker Strong Export Bitter 1.8kg

This is a very special homebrew of exceptional quality, strength and flavour, for three fundamental reasons.

Firstly, We give you a full 1.8 kilograms of cencentrated English malted barley. Secondly, only the very best malting barley and hops are used, blended to an original formula, to give you the tradional strength and flavour of "real" beer. Lastly, we use genuine brewers yeast, which means fast fermentation and clearning, with no yeasty "off" flavours.

These three special factors give you the taditional flavour and strength of beer as it used to be. Because we use above average quantities of high quality ingredients, beer made from this kit may cost rather more than that from many other kits. We make no apology for this - quality always costs a little extra.

Brewing Notes

Kit Weight: 1.8kg

Produces 32 pints / 23 litres

Requires 1kg of Sugar. However, we recommend that you try using the Beerworks 1.2 ltr Liquid Malt Enhancer instead of sugar. This produces a far superior brew and is perfect for this type of kit. See the link below for details.

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