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  1. Book - Winemaking With Concentrates
    Book - Winemaking With Concentrates
    This is a book for the winemaker who likes the ease and convenience of making wine from concentrates or for those who enjoy wine but lack the facilities to make it from grapes and other fruits Learn More
  2. Book - The Wine & Beer Maker's Year
    Book - The Wine & Beer Maker's Year
    This book is a round-the-year guide to wine and beer making , covering dry and sweet wines, beer, lagers, liqueurs and fortified wines. Learn More
  3. Book - Top Shelf Cocktail Book
    Book - Top Shelf Cocktail Book
    This fantastic book gives ideas on how to use the range of home-made spirits and liqueurs that are available from Wineworks. Learn More
  4. Book - Home Brewed Beers And Stouts
    Book - Home Brewed Beers And Stouts
    A revised and updated edition on brewing your own beers and stouts. The book contains 67 recipes for beers and stouts with authentic flavour and strength, from the palest lager to the blackest extra stout. Learn More
  5. Book - From Harvest To Moonshine
    Book - From Harvest To Moonshine
    Moonshine is a word that conjures up images of illegal, low quality spirits that were bad for the health. With modern advances this couldn't be further from the truth! This fantastic reference covers everything you'll need to know to make your own spirits and liqueurs from scratch. Learn More
  6. Book - Growing Vines To Make Wines
    Book - Growing Vines To Make Wines
    This book is a fully updated amalgamation of two previously published titles - Growing Vines (1972) and Wines from your Vines (1974). It is concise, yet detailed, and covers all aspects from planting the vines through cropping and vinification to enjoying the final product. The quality of English wine is constantly improving and this book will help the amateur to produce high-quality wine from home-grown grapes providing the right varieties are used and the simple rules followed. Learn More
  7. Book - Real Cider Making
    Book - Real Cider Making
    Real Cidermaking (On a Small Scale) by Michael Pooley & John Lomax is widely regarded as the bible of cider making for the home brew market, with more than 40 years of experience going into this book Learn More
  8. Book - The Big Book Of Brewing
    Book - The Big Book Of Brewing

    This is the book for any really enthusiastic and ambitious brewer... the person who wants to brew high quality 'true' beers that were long thought beyond the ability of the amateur.

    The Big Book of Brewing is the definitive book on the subject of mashing.

    Learn More
  9. Book - Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy
    Book - Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy
    If you want to mash a beer from the grain to emulate your favourite commercial beer you'll probably find the recipe you need in this book. More than 100 recipes from home and abroad. Learn More
  10. Book - Award Winning Wines
    Book - Award Winning Wines
    A book suitable for wine makers of all levels, it is based on the experiences of Bill Smith, a researcher in the field of anaerobic fermentation, who brought his scientific expertise into the area of home wine making. Learn More
  11. Home Brewed Beers & Stouts (Book)
    Home Brewed Beers & Stouts (Book)
    Ideal book for brewing from malt extract and hops. Learn More