This starter kit can be used for making beer, lager and cider.

To go with this you need to buy a suitable beer, lager or cider kit, for bitter try the "ART OF BREWING BITTER XXXX" for lager try the "COOPERS AUSTRALIAN LAGER" and for cider try the "SAMSONS CIDER". Please remember to order a kit as we regret we cannot sell these Special Price beginner's packs on their own.

When the beer, lager or cider has brewed (5 days) you can either bottle it or barrel it. Bottling will produce a more fizzy drink which some people prefer, especially for lager and cider, bottling also makes it easier to chill.

The easy route is to barrel as there is only one vessel to fill instead of a number of bottles. So, for a barrel go to the "Barrels and Accessories" section of our web site.

If you decide to bottle you will need to buy 48 of the "500ml AMBER PLASTIC BEER BOTTLES", you'll find these in the "Bottling Equip. & accessories" section.

If you are bottling the use of a BEER HYDROMETER is recommended so that you can check the beer has stabilised (finished fermenting) before bottling.

To easily find any of the above items click the "Search" button on our site and enter the product description.

The above will give you everything you need to brew apart from water.

It is worth using glucose powder instead of sugar in your beer as it gives a cleaner, drier taste and avoids the fruity taste of sugar. We have this in stock as GLUCOSE POWDER - 1Kg and one bag is included in the beginners pack.

For bitters adding a teaspoon of GYPSUM to your brew during the initial mixing also helps to produce a cleaner, drier tasting beer.

To avoid the TCP taste when brewing from kits it is advisable to neutralise the chlorine from tap water by adding 1 Campden Tablet to the wort 10 minutes before you add the yeast. If you do not have any Campden Tablets you can find them by using our "Search" button.

Hope this helps. Once you get brewing you'll find it really is very easy to do.