AoB 7 Day Wine Kit - Chianti with FREE Classico 6 Bottle Wine Kit

Our new 7 Day Wine Kits are made exclusively for Art of Brewing

For those of you who are new to wine making then the Art of Brewing 7 Day Wine Kits are a fantastic kit to get you started. They are very easy to make and also produce a great tasting wine. It's also great for the experienced wine maker who just wants to make a batch of wine that's quick to make and also tastes good. There's no fuss and they are great for parties!

We've gone to great lengths to put our many years of experience in making wines to produce some good quality wines which taste amazing too! We believe we've done a good job at sourcing the best products to go in our Art of Brewing Wine kits and this will become self-evident when you taste your first bottle. We feel certain that you'll be coming back for more!

We are also very conscious of creating our products with consideration for our environment which means that the packaging we use for our Art of Brewing Wine kits is made from recycled materials where possible.

  • 30 Bottle Kit
  • 5 litres of grape juice/sugars - yields 23 litres of wine
  • Also contains sachets which should be added whilst making (See enclosed instructions)
  • Ready to bottle in 7-10 days


  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Body: Medium
  • Oak Intensity: None
  • Instructions are included
  • NOTE: Equipment for fermentation/brewing and storage/dispensing is not included and should be bought separately. See also, our 'Art of Brewing 7 Day Wine Kit Instructions'
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