25 Litre (5 Gallon) Bottom Tap Pressure Barrel Complete

This beer barrel is fitted with an S30 valve in it's 2" cap that includes a pin for use with 8g CO2 bulbs (the valve cannot be used with screw-on gas cylinders). To use 8g CO2 bulbs with this valve you will need to separately purchase an 8g GAS BULB HOLDER. The bulbs are available in most towns. Note that you only need to add gas if you have exhausted the natural pressure inside the barrel. This product should not be placed where damage could occur in the event of any leakage. S30 is a registered Trade Mark of Hambleton Bard Ltd. TIP: The best "off" position for the tap on this barrel is not where the lever is pushed fully back. If you look at the tap from above when the lever is pushed fully back it will be at the 2 o'clock position. If you bring the lever forward slightly to the 3 o'clock position this will give you the best seal.
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