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Updated 1st September 2019.

Special Offers For September 2019
  • simply-beer-kits

    Simply Beer Kits

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  • bulldog-brews-beer-kits

    Bulldog Brews Beer Kits

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  • courage-best-bitter-beer-kits

    Courage Best Bitter - Beer Kits

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  • courage-directors-beer-kit

    Courage Directors 3kg 36 Pints

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  • geordie-beer-kits

    Geordie Beer Kits - makes 40 pints

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  • geordie-beer-kits

    Vintners Reserve Wine Kits

    Both red and whites now just £49.95

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  • solomon-grundy-gold

    Solomon Grundy Gold 30 Bottle Wine Kits

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  • solomon-grundy-classic-wine-kit

    Solomon Grundy Classic Wine Kits - 30 bottle

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  • beaverdale-wine-kit

    Beaverdale 30 Bottle Wine Kits

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  • cantina-wine-kit

    Cantina Wine Kit

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Best Sellers
  1. Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 40 Pint Beer Kit 1.5 kg GEORDIE YORKSHIRE BITTER 40p 1.5kg
    Special Price £9.95 Regular Price £11.99
    Geordie Yorkshire Bitter is light in colour and has a slightly sweet taste of the best traditional Yorkshire beers.
  2. Cantina 5 Day Pinot Grigio - 28 Bottle (4.6 Gallon) Wine Kit CANTINA 5 DAY PINOT GRIGIO
    Special Price £30.95 Regular Price £35.00
    Sugar inclusive kit. Makes 28 bottles in 5 days. With the typical light straw colour, the delicate fruitiness and crisp acidity, this is the trendy bestseller of the whites. Medium dry, perfect balance, ready to drink within a week. TIP: Turn the wine kit box and juice bag into a wine dispenser by buying a SCREW-ON TAP.
  3. Geordie Bitter 40 Pint Beer Kit 1.5 kg GEORDIE BITTER 40p 1.5kg
    Special Price £9.95 Regular Price £11.99
    Geordie bitter is a traditional well-hopped bitter with a rich nutty flavour and deep amber in colour.
  4. Solomon Grundy Classic - Medium Dry White - 6 Bottle (1 Gallon) Wine Kit SOLOMON GRUNDY MEDIUM DRY WHITE 6 bottle

    Produces 6 bottles of a medium dry white wine, which needs 600g to 770g of sugar (producing approx. 10.5%-12.5% respectively).

    Ferments quickly and is ready in 7-10 days.