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Art of Brewing is the online home brew shop for all winemakers, homebrewers, mashers, craft brewers and country wine makers in the UK.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced wine maker or beer brewer this is the online homebrew shop for you. We can provide you with all you need to thoroughly enjoy this truly fascinating and rewarding hobby, otherwise known as the art of brewing.

Updated 1st February 2020.

Special Offers For February 2020
  • sterilisers-500g

    500g No-Rinse & Cleaner Steriliser

    Prices Cut To Only £3.85

    Keeping all your equipment clean, especially during the fermenting process is vital. Take advantage of the great deal and stock up. Choose from either the No-Rinse Steriliser 500g or the Cleaner Steriliser 500g

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  • wineworks-vino-dried-fruit-wine

    Wineworks Vino Dried Fruit Wine

    Price was £18.95 - Now Only £16.50

    These kits is the perfect shortcut for those wanting to make a high quality hedgerow wines, but without all the hassle. The Vino wine kits make 23 litres of great wine and are ready in roughly 10 days.

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  • cantina-wine-kits

    Cantina 5 Day Red & Prinot Grigio

    Was £35.00 - Now Only £28.50

    Try either the Red of the Pinot Grigio for a quick wine making experience. Sugar inclusive kit. Makes 28 bottles in 5 days. Ready to drink within a week.

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  • coopers-international-beer-kits

    Coopers International Beer kits

    Recommended Price £11.95 - Offer Price £11.25

    The International series from Coopers provides 6 great tasting beers from around the world. The kits require 1kg of Sugar. However, we recommend that you try using the Beerworks 1.2 ltr Liquid Malt Enhancer instead of sugar. This produces a far superior brew and is perfect for this type of kit. See the link below for details.

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  • art-of-brewing-beer-kits

    Art Of Brewing Beer Kits

    Down from £14.50 - Now Only £12.99

    Choose from Best Bitter, Bitter XXXX or the Lager for good beer flavours. Makes 40 pints.

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  • brew-pad-heat-tray

    The Brew Pad Heat Tray

    Recommended Price £34.96 - Now Only £24.95

    Ideally suited for Large (30ltr) and Small (10ltr) buckets and Demijohns etc. These Heat Trays are not thermostatically controlled so if the fermentation is active in a room where the temperature rises then it is advisable to turn this off during this time.

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  • 24-amber-pet-bottles

    Coopers 24 x 500ml Amber Plastic Beer Bottles & Caps

    Recommended Price £13.00 - Offer Price £10.25

    These PET plastic bottles have an anti oxidant coating to help keep your beer at it's best. Each box contains 24 bottles and comes complete with screw caps. If you're looking at bottling a 40 pint brew then you should be purchasing 2 boxes. These bottles are re-usable so don't forget to save the caps.

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  • witbier-plus-free-malt

    Get a FREE 1.2kg Beerworks Liquid Malt Enhancer

    A Great Saving of £5.45 - Offer Price Only £19.96

    A Classic Belgian Wit with spicy wheat and fruity esters complemented by zesty orange and coriander. A refreshing’ summery beer with pleasant upfront sweetness followed by orange-citrus fruitiness and a crisp ,dry finish. Makes 23 litres Extra included 1.2 kg of Love Brewing Liquid Malt Enhancer(or 1kg of brewing sugar/Beer Enhancer)

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  • wide-mouthed-carboy

    Wide-Mouthed Carboy/Fermenter

    Normally £24.95 - Reduced to only £15.00

    Wide-mouthed carboy/fermenter PET Food Grade with a capacity of 27.5 Litres. Comes complete with wide-mouthed lid (with hole for airlock) and a bottom tap.

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Best Sellers
  1. Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 40 Pint Beer Kit 1.5 kg GEORDIE YORKSHIRE BITTER 40p 1.5kg
    Special Price £9.95 Regular Price £11.99
    Geordie Yorkshire Bitter is light in colour and has a slightly sweet taste of the best traditional Yorkshire beers.
  2. Cantina 5 Day Pinot Grigio - 28 Bottle (4.6 Gallon) Wine Kit CANTINA 5 DAY PINOT GRIGIO
    Special Price £28.50 Regular Price £35.00
    Sugar inclusive kit. Makes 28 bottles in 5 days. With the typical light straw colour, the delicate fruitiness and crisp acidity, this is the trendy bestseller of the whites. Medium dry, perfect balance, ready to drink within a week. TIP: Turn the wine kit box and juice bag into a wine dispenser by buying a SCREW-ON TAP.
  3. Solomon Grundy Classic - Medium Dry White - 6 Bottle (1 Gallon) Wine Kit SOLOMON GRUNDY MEDIUM DRY WHITE 6 bottle

    Produces 6 bottles of a medium dry white wine, which needs 600g to 770g of sugar (producing approx. 10.5%-12.5% respectively).

    Ferments quickly and is ready in 7-10 days.

  4. Geordie Bitter 40 Pint Beer Kit 1.5 kg GEORDIE BITTER 40p 1.5kg
    Special Price £9.95 Regular Price £11.99
    Geordie bitter is a traditional well-hopped bitter with a rich nutty flavour and deep amber in colour.